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Leadership Program


We at LEAD First want to empower the youth of today with our Leadership Programs. We take students at the beginning of the year and work with them throughout the entire year with leadership skills and tutoring for reading, writing, and math. Our program starts in 3rd grade and continues until 12th. We have a continuous program so once our students are in they are in until they graduate high school. The outcomes expected is 80% of the student will improve their attendance, grades, and behaviors. They will also improve their reading and math skills through our Five Areas of Development with Related Outcomes and Activities. The five areas are Working, Learning, Thriving, Connecting, and Leading. We have a 90% success rate with our graduating seniors with them being placed into the job field or going to college or technical school. Each grade level is required to do three service projects a year and to do a fundraiser for the end of the year Spurs game trip.  We have college students come in and tutor all ages level and reading and math. The program has successfully helped graduate over 300 high school students and has raised grades and attendance for 1,000 each year.



Schools We Work With


  •  Oak Park Elementary School

  • Evans Elementary School

  • Driscoll Middle School

  • Metro Middle School

  • Miller High School

  • Coles High School

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